Piercer Reviews

At both our piercing shops in Los Angeles and Lake Arrowhead we are proud to have a great reputation on both Yelp and Google.

Had such a great experience getting my second earlobe piercing with Steve! I’ve gotten a few piercings before but this was the most pleasant experience! Steve is definitely an expert and knows a lot about piercings. He made the experience super easy and answered all the questions I had. As for jewelry pricing, it is on the higher end but they do have quality pieces. I paid $45 for the piercing and ended up splurging and spending $120 for each pair of normal stud earrings.

Kimberly T.
Los Angeles, CA

So, I typically get pierced by Steve, and he’s been the best…but today I took my 16 year old to get backs for his earrings and Steve wasn’t there…but Marv helped us out, and I couldn’t just leave without somethin…so I trusted Marv to do a kickass job, and he did. One of the best piercings of my life, sorry Steve…haha 😉 nothin but love you you. Always classy, guys..

Jennifer Cole
Los Angeles, CA

I got a lobe and a helix piercing ($35 total piercing cost for both and $25 for each niobium hoop) and my piercer Helena was awesome. I’ve gotten both lobe and helix piercings before and Helena’s way was the quickest and least painful. She was also really nice even though I kept changing my mind about the jewelry, once even after she had already finished coloring the stud I initially picked. The only thing is when I called to ask about their jewelry pricing the person on the phone said the cheapest non-surgical steel earring (which I asked about since I’m sensitive to steel) was $15 but it was actually $25. Not a big deal but it would matter for someone on a tighter budget or someone planning to get multiple piercings. But that didn’t affect my actual experience in the shop so I would highly recommend!.

Puvali C.
Westwood, Los Angeles, CA