Expert Body Piercing Shops in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County

Premier body piercing shops offering you the highest quality body jewelry and Expert Body Piercing services.

These shops offer you the highest quality body jewelry from Anatometal!
Only the highest quality body jewelry is good enough for your body piercing. When using implantation grade materials for you piercings It makes all the difference in healing process.

Expert Body Piercing only recommends highly skilled body piercers and shops who stand behind their work.
During the healing process these shops are there for you when you need them. Only use the very best body jewelry, you are worth it!

Visit our first two recommended locations

Studio City Tattoo &Body Piercing  Location :

11032 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA  9604

Business Hours:

Monday - Sunday - 11 am - 12 pm

We offer only top quality body jewelry from BVLA & Anatometal

At both our locations in Los Angeles and Lake Arrowhead we carry a great selection of jewelry. We only carry the highest quality body jewelry available; whether it’s 18kt gold body jewelry or exotic organics. We have it all from Anatometal to Body Vision Los Angeles, you are assured of top grade quality.

Lake Arrowhead Tattoo & Body Piercing Location :

26744 CA-189, Blue Jay, CA 92317

Business Hours:

Monday -Closed / Tuesday -Closed / Wednesday -11AM–8PM
Thursday -11AM–8PM / Friday- 11AM–8PM / Saturday - 1AM–8PM / Sunday -11AM–8PM

All our artists are Cal Osha Bloodborne Pathogen Handling Certified and licensed by the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Health Department. We also recently installed an expensive NASA approved AiroCide-Air Purification Technology System in our shop that kills airborne viruses. We care for your safety. See how it works !

Meet our Body Piercers

steven white los angeles body piercer

Steve White


Marv Santos

Marv was the best. I went in hyped I could finally get my lobes pierced after ear recon last July. Wellll, Marv being the professional, knowledgeable, and caring piercer he is told me otherwise, instead of piercing it and possibly having complications. One of my lobes weren't ready to get pierced due to it still healing, my other lobe was fine so I jumped in on that ear and got it pierced. I didn't feel a thing. His personality was 10/10 along with his services. I can't wait to go back to get poked by Marv again. also the shop was very clean and followed great Covid protocols if you're into that.


Got my ears pierced by Steven. Super kind guy! They have a wide variety of piercings and the quality is great. Definitely coming back soon.

Ellysa T.
Granada Hills, CA

Had such a great experience getting my second earlobe piercing with Steve! I've gotten a few piercings before but this was the most pleasant experience! Steve is definitely an expert and knows a lot about piercings. He made the experience super easy and answered all the questions I had. As for jewelry pricing, it is on the higher end but they do have quality pieces. I paid $45 for the piercing and ended up splurging and spending $120 for each pair of normal stud earrings.

Kimberly T.
Los Angeles, CA

Must Be 18 To Get  Body Piercing
Age Restrictions on Clients

*Clients must be at least 1 8 years of age to receive a piercing
of the nipples or genitals.